Agropreneurship Department

The Department of Agropreneurship (DA) of Kumasi Technical University KsTU currently runs three programmes: Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Agribusiness with Entrepreneurship, Higher National Diploma (HND) in Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship, and a Diploma (Dip) in Agribusiness and Finance. Two additional Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) programmes and a Master of Technology (M. Tech) programme are expected to be rolled out very soon.  
Agriculture and agribusiness is fundamental to Ghana’s economic growth and thus features significantly in development agenda and policies of the state. Agribusiness is a complex and multidisciplinary sector that is still emerging in Ghana and many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Growing human population in sub-Saharan Africa, rapid urbanization and a growing middle class community in Ghana presents both challenges and opportunities to meet the huge volumes as well as high quality convenient food products. However, the ageing farmer population many of whom are illiterates, may not be able to support food self-sufficiency and food security needs of the country in the next decade. 

The nation requires highly skilled human resource persons, the youth, to drive the agricultural modernization and agro-industrialization agenda. The Agribusiness programme at KsTU therefore aims to equip prospective graduates with the requisite skills to spearhead Ghana’s agricultural transformation agenda, in their capacity as professionals and agribusiness entrepreneurs. Lecturers adopt a learner-centered approach to training students by adopting innovative and multiple teaching-learning methods such as inquiry-based learning, problem-based quick response, presentations, industry field trips, seminars, group discussions and feedback. Students also embark on 6-8 weeks of industrial attachment to gain experiential knowledge.