About Us

The Faculty – the Department has well-qualified and highly skilled faculty with years of experience in teaching, research, and industry in both private and public sector.  

  Rationale of Programme

The Agribusiness programmes have been designed within the purview of emerging global trends and national development agenda. The rationale is to enhance the competencies of graduates in a holistic manner, to become agribusiness professionals and entrepreneurs while improving their employability. This is expected to counter the high rates of unemployment especially among tertiary level graduates in the country


To be the center of excellence for training highly skilled agribusiness graduates and professionals who can make an impact at the community, national, and global level.


To provide excellent training through teaching and research for students and agribusiness entrepreneurs who can contribute to agricultural transformation an

d development in Ghana.   


The goal of the programme is to train graduates and equip them with the requisite technical know-how, practical experience, and management skills needed to function effectively as astute agribusiness entrepreneurs who can establish and successfully manage their own agribusinesses or work as professionals in the public or private sector.