Employment Opportunities

Given the multidisciplinary nature of agribusiness, the employment opportunities available to graduates are diverse and vast. Successful graduates can secure employment as:

  1. Agribusiness Entrepreneurs – where graduates establish and manage their own agribusiness ventures, firms, or companies across the agribusiness value chain.
  2. Managers in other private agribusiness firms and companies.
  3. Project officers for financial institutions, e.g. Commercial Banks, Rural Banks, Savings and Loans Companies, Micro-Finance Institutions, etc.
  4. Agribusiness consultants for Agri-SMEs, Farmer Based Organizations, NGOs involved in agriculture/agribusiness and rural development programmes.
  5. Graduates in the programme can also be employed as officers by both public and private institutions, such as:
  1. Ministry of Food and Agriculture.
  2. Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  3. Ministry of Education.
  4. Research Institutions (CSIR-CRI, CSIR-ARI, CSIR-FRI, etc.)
  5. Agriculture Marketing Companies.
  6. Agricultural Input Manufacturing and Supply Firms or Companies.
  7. Agri-food Processing Companies.
  8. Agricultural Consultancy and Advisory Services.
  9. Non-Governmental Organizations – both local and international
  10. Food Safety and Quality Control Regulatory Bodies E.g. Food and Drugs Authority, Ghana Standards Authority, etc.