The Agribusiness programmes focuses on five fundamental areas including:

Agribusiness Management – students are introduced to the complex nature, scope, and uniqueness of agribusiness; the application of science, technology, research, economics, and marketing in agriculture; and how management principles can be applied in agriculture. Students are exposed to the challenges and opportunities in the agribusiness sector including the global food market.   

Crop Production and Management – students learn the core principles and practices in tropical crop production (including cereals, roots/tubers, vegetables, fruits, fiber, tree and plantation crops); the agronomy, management, and improved production practices. Focus is on assisting students to appreciate the use of good agricultural practices (GAPs), improved technologies, and management in commercial production business. Graduates are expected to establish and successfully managing their own crop field and plantations.

Animal Production and Management – it involves knowledge in the science of animal production, high-level training and skills to adopt good husbandry practices (GHP) in managing both conventional and non-conventional animals. Attention is paid to helping students understand basic principles underlying livestock production, commercial production practices and how to deal with challenges of livestock production. 

Postharvest Technology and Management – students are introduced to and equipped with in-depth knowledge, understanding and competencies in the principles and practices of value addition to raw agricultural commodities and its role in providing quality food products, increasing incomes and ensuring food security.

Agri-preneurship – students are exposed to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, skills and character traits needed for successful entrepreneurship, opportunity identification, conceptualization of business ideas, feasibility study, development of business plan, and implementation of plan. Students establish and manage mini-agribusiness ventures for 4-semesters with the new knowledge and entrepreneurship mind-set training.