Brief Bio-data: 

Stephen is a senior lecturer at the Department of Agropreneurship, Kumasi Technical University. He holds a BSc in Agriculture and a Diploma in Education from the University of Cape Coast. He received an MPhil and Ph.D. training in Agribusiness from the University of Ghana, Legon. He is an agribusiness expert with 7 years of middle level and 12 years of high level professional career experience in multidisciplinary areas including agriculture, banking, teaching, consultancy, and research.  He has worked in both private and public sector and on international projects. In all of these endeavors, he has provided technical direction, leadership, and dedicated service to stakeholders. Through projects and functional groups, he contributes to country dialogues and policy formulation and analysis related to agricultural modernization, inclusive agri-value chain, agribusiness development, and poverty-related issues of smallholder producers in particular. Stephen is a pragmatist and believes in working diligently to positively impact students and as well as actors in the agri-value chain such as the smallholder farmers, Agri-SME practitioners, the youth, and rural women.

Projects and on-going Research: 
  • Livelihood Strategies of Rural Women in Cocoa Production in Selected Districts of the Ashanti Region under the Self-Help Project.
  • Assessment of Vegetable Farming Systems in Peri-Urban Ghana
  • Labour Productivity of Commercial Vegetable Production in Peri-Urban Ghana
  • Economics of Vegetable Production in Urban and Peri-urban Kumasi
  • Agri-preneurial Intention and preference of Tertiary Level Students in Ghana
  • The Effect of Fertilizers on Yields, Storability and Financial Returns of Vegetable Production under Conventional and Improved Technology Production System
  • Analysis of GAPs in Tomato Production in Selected Regions in Ghana
  • Risk Assessment, Perception and Coping Strategies: the case of vegetables farmers in Ghana.
Research Interest : 

Stephen is passionate about transformation of agriculture to impact value chain actors and contribute to economic growth and development in Ghana. His research interest thus focuses on:

Food Systems and Value Chain Analysis, Agri-value Chain Financing, Food Security, Agri-MSME Growth and Development, Contract Farming Schemes, Livelihood Strategies and Poverty Reduction, Agri-Value Chain Financing, Farm Management Analysis, and Agricultural Marketing Systems.

Teaching Areas: : 

Principles of Agribusiness Management; Farm Business Management; Agribusiness Marketing; Project Planning, Analysis and Management; Agricultural Extension; Agri-Value Chains; Agribusiness Resource & Risk Management; Food Industry; Agro-industrialization;