Online Short Courses 2020

CBDCS is offering 50% discount to Natioanl Serive and NABCO persons at KsTU and all other persons in this category (25%) to participate in its online short courses. In addition, there is 25% discount for staff and their wards.

CBD 001: Industrial Health, Safety and Loss Prevention

Course Description/Content

The is structured to equip participants with knowledge and silks in Regulations on Health and Safety at work, workplace health and safety policy, statistical data on industrial accidents, causes of accidents, recognizing hazards and control of risks at work, safety audit, importance of health surveillance at work site, hazardous materials or chemicals safety, etc.

Relevant industry standards:  OHSAS 18001

Objective: to equip participants with the principles of safety and loss prevention thus helping them to prevent industrial risks.

Target Group

Graduates with science and engineering background, maintenance engineers, plant operators and supervisors, health and safety assistants and coordinators, medical/science and industrial laboratory operators or technicians, HR managers, etc.

Duration         :  40 hours (10 days)
Course Fee     :  GH¢1,540.00 or equivalent of US$ 267.00 (check page 4 for payment options)
Date                :  17 – 28th August , 2020
Mode of Delivery       : Virtual Teaching

Contact           : Engr. Philip Ansah (0548956578)



CBD 002: Occupational Health and Safety Engineering System

Description of course:

The course is tailored for health and safety and engineering professionals in a wide range of industries including mining and  construction  to acquire competencies to operate and design safety equipment and systems, to identify and control  health and safety risks at multiple working sites (existing or new) and to develop and implement OHS management system at work site . The contents are: Industrial processes and activities, OHS laws, regulations and standards, OHS policy development, health and safety science and technology, hierarchy of risks controls, safety equipment and systems operations and design: fire sprinklers, relief valves, etc., Risk assessment (HAZID and HAZOP approach), accidents investigation, development and implementation of OHS management system: OHS policy, programs, methods and procedures.

Relevant industry standards:  OHSAS 18001, NFPA OSHA, BSI

Target Group

Engineering practitioners (MGhIE,MIET, etc.) , process engineers, health and safety practioners in manufacturing, processing and consultancy industry, lecturers and instructors in tertiary and other engineering and technology institutes, graduates who have sciences and engineering background or individuals with certificate in industrial health, safety and loss prevention or equivalent.

Duration         : 28 hours (7 days)

Date                : 29th August – 4th September, 2019

Fees     : GhC 2,540.00 or equivalent of US$ 440.00 (check page 4 for payment options)

Mode of Delivery       : Virtual Teaching

Resource person        : Engr. Philip Ansah (0548956578),



CBD 003: Process Safety Engineering and Management

Course Description:

Process safety engineering and management system course prepares participants to apply safety risks assessment methodology such as HAZOP, HAZID, FTA, checklist and what if to identify material, equipment and process hazards, evaluate hazards and provide solutions to control potential risks in processing and manufacturing processes (new or existing). Another key aspect is to also prepare delegates to apply sciences, mathematics and engineering principles to design process safety equipment and systems such as pressure relief valves, cyclone, scrubber, vapour extraction, stack and flare, condensers, flash drum, water sprinklers, fire hydrant, fire alarm, portable fire extinguishers, reel hose, etc. Actually the course is designed to include health and safety sciences, safety equipment and systems operation and management, health and safety laws, regulations and codes and occupational health and safety management system implementation.

Relevant industry standards: ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001, OSHA PSM, ASME codes, NFPA, etc.

Target group

Engineering practitioners (MGhIE, MIET, etc.) , process engineers, health and safety practitioners in manufacturing, processing and consultancy industry, lecturers and instructors in safety engineering and sciences department of  tertiary and other engineering and technology institutes, graduates who have physical, chemical, biological and applied sciences and engineering background.

Duration         : 36 hours (9 days)
Course Fee     :  GH¢ 4,540.00 or equivalent of US$ 786.00 (check page 4 for payment options)
Date                            : 5th  – 14th September, 2020

Mode of Delivery       : Virtual Teaching
Contact person          : Eng. Philip Ansah (0548956578) /Dr. Robert D. Nagre (0243419741), 



CBD 004: Laboratory Quality Control

The Laboratory Quality Control and Management certificate course is to equip the participants with systems for monitoring quality in laboratory that ensures accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of services for customers. The short course would focus on areas of quality control, quality assurance and management which will help to detect immediate errors and changes that occur over time thereby assuring the accuracy and reliability of test results from laboratory.


  • To increase participant ability to avoid common analytical errors in analysis,
  • To equip participant to avoid and handle basic instrumentation faults,
  • To allow participants to practice and sharpen their skills basic analytical chemistry,
  • To help participant enhance their effectiveness as technicians.


Course Content:

1. Laboratory Organization and Safety Management

Lab administration, Good laboratory practices, Chemical and Biological hazard, Biosafety and Biosecurity, Laboratory classification into Biosafety levels, Work and Practice and Engineering Controls and Use of Personal Protective Equipment

2. Laboratory Analytical Control

Sampling, reagents, standards and reference substances, qualifying laboratory instruments, calibration in the lab, validation of analytical methods

3. Quality control and Assurance 

Concept of Quality, Quality improvement model, Quality Control and tools for quality control, Tools used for continuous improvement. Inspection Methods, Total Quality management 

4. Laboratory instrumentation management

Categories of laboratory equipment, laboratory equipment maintenance, Precautions in handling laboratory instruments, use of operational manuals, identifying laboratory repairer in the country

5. Innovative and Efficient Laboratory Management

Laboratory Management principles,  use of SOPs and Quality manual, Uses of MSDS, Labelling, Laboratory design consideration, Procurement of laboratory supplies, Laboratory equipment operation, Laboratory Information management system, Laboratory Accreditation, Ethical issue in lab management

Relevant industry standards:     ISO 9000

Target Group: This course is suitable for chemists, technicians working in analytical labs, chemical engineers, and laboratory managers.


Date                :  17 – 28th August , 2020

MODE OF DELIVERY: Virtual Teaching

Course Fee:  GH¢840.00 or equivalent of US$ 146.00 (check page 4 for payment options)

Course facilitator contact:  Dr. David Azanu (0246 – 24 41 56);


Mode of Payment

Applicants can make payment of the course participation fee through bank, mobile money or cash. Find below the details for each option:

1. Bank

Bank: Zenith Bank

Account #: 6010511321

Branch:  Ahodwo Kumasi


2. Mobile Money

MTN MoMo Account

MTN #: 024 1 171 726

Account Name: Isaac Francis Antwi

Kumasi Technical University


3. Cash

Cash Office

Block A Ground Floor

KsTU Main Campus




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Wednesday, July 22, 2020