Ceremonial Chair Donated to KsTU

A ceremonial chair has been crafted and donated to Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) by two members of staff from the Department of Interior Design and Materials Technology. The two lecturers who undertook this act of benevolence are Mr. Paul Inkum who is currently pursuing his PhD and Dr. Peter Kessels Dadzie who is a Senior Lecturer.

The Chair was meticulously carved with various embossments of carefully selected traditional and Adinkra symbols. Presenting the Chair to the University, Dr. Kessels Dadzie took time to explain the rationale behind the various Adinkra symbols on it. The Chair which was designed in the colours of the University has round gears at the top with a flame of fire in the middle of the gears. It has the symbol of “Nea )nnim no sua a )hunu” which literally means he who does not know can be perfect if he learns. On top of that very symbol is a book signifying that learning has no end.

The end of the arm-rest of the Chair also has the “Adinkrahene” symbol indicating that power and authority of the Institution rest in the hands of the Vice-Chancellor. There is also a symbol of “Nk)ns)nk)ns)n” (chain) which is an indication of the spirit of togetherness that is crucial to the success of every leader. At the seat sides of the Chair are the symbol of “Mframa de huu p3 ade3 a )nnya” which signifies the need to be patient and tolerant at all times. The sides of the backrest of the Chair is the “Nkyinkyim” symbol showing versatility and ability to initiate new ideas to turn things around for the better.

The Vice-Chancellor was full of praise for the two lecturers for their spirit of giving to the University and said the gesture was worthy of emulation. He was also fascinated by the design of the Chair and the associated Adinkra symbols and what they stand for. He emphasized that no human being can pretend to be an epitome of knowledge and therefore, encouraged all present to approach him when they conceive any progressive idea.

Picture: The Vice-Chancellor and other members of staff during the presentation.


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