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The department strives for excellence in the field of Chemical Engineering with comprehensive higher national diploma teaching programme, and promotion of research activities aimed at addressing Ghana’s needs as well as contributing to the knowledge base of the Chemical Engineering discipline.

The Department of Chemical Engineering is nationally recognized for its best practice for chemical engineering teaching and is one of only two Chemical Engineering Departments in the country, and the only Department that trains students to the level of Higher National Diploma (HND) and Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Chemical Engineering.

The department currently has 16 teaching staff with six senior lecturers, runs a three-year HND programme in Chemical Engineering and a three-semester (1.5 years) BTech Chemical Engineering top-up program.


To become the best Chemical Engineering Department in Ghana and among the best in Africa.


To produce graduates that have firm grasp of the principles of Chemical Engineering through quality engineering education, to carry out applied research aimed at benefiting local industries in Ghana and Africa, and to provide services to the wider community.
To achieve the vision, the Department strives to:

  • Provide students with the underlying engineering sciences and technical foundations to become competent, practicing chemical engineers. Students learn to apply their knowledge of scientific principles to problem identification and solution, to undertake and analyze experimental work, and to design safe, environmentally acceptable and sustainable processes and systems to meet specified objectives using modern engineering tools and technologies;
  • Prepare students to be successful in their future working relationships. Students develop effective communication skills, learn to function productively in teams, and obtain the foundation to support life-long learning so as to promote personal and professional growth;
  • Instil in students perfect understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities and create awareness of the societal impact that their professional activities may have;
  • Improve continuously the academic program in partnership with academia, alumni, government, and industry; and
  • Foster a relationship that is collaborative and accessible between faculty and students and which allows for personal mentoring and engages students in the educational process.

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