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The Department of Accountancy and Accounting Information Systems continues to enjoy a reputation as one of the leading groups in the Ghanaian Higher Educational Institutions for teaching and researching on the economic, institutional and organizational aspects of accounting and information systems.

Maintaining and advancing our leading international reputation for teaching and research is our priority, and thus, we are committed:

  • To enhance still further the quality of the student experience in our programmes at the undergraduate level such as by maintaining effective student-faculty ratios and ensuring an appropriate balance and mix of students to maintain diversity and quality of the educational experience.
  • To strengthen further our outstanding practical and research environment through accounting software training, research seminars, visitors and strong links with other departments, research centers and external constituencies, making it possible to study relevant accounting and information systems issues within the rich context of the social sciences in line with the School’s intellectual tradition.

We are proud about the diversity in everything we do, as it is the key to our competitive advantage locally as well as globally. We therefore strive to continue to combine ‘global appeal’ with a distinctive ‘African orientation’ in terms of institutional knowledge and affiliations as well as intellectual traditions.
The Department runs a number of programmes, namely Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Accounting with Computing (Top-up), Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) in Computerized Accounting, Higher National Diploma (HND) Accounting with Computing, Higher National Diploma (HND) Accountancy, Diploma in Computerized Accounting, Professional Diploma in Computerized Accounting.


To be known nationally and internationally for excellence in educating students, creating and disseminating knowledge through research and outreach, relevant to the accounting and information systems communities.


  • To develop outstanding faculty whose members will contribute to achieving our mission.
  • To offer to a large diverse group of qualified students an undergraduate education that effectively prepares them to pursue additional education or to begin successful careers.
  • To offer to a diverse group of qualified students a master’s education that permits them to gain specialized knowledge in accounting and information systems, meet professional requirements, and further their careers.
  • To offer Master of Technology (M’Tech) education in accounting and information systems that prepares students for successful careers at peer institutions.
  • To create and disseminate leading edge knowledge about the roles and responsibilities of accounting and information systems in society.
  • To undertake outreach programmes that contribute to the accounting and information systems communities.
  • To serve the Polytechnic by providing quality education opportunities in accounting and information systems for non-accounting majors



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