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The Department of Liberal Studies is one of the five departments under the Faculty of Business and Management Studies of Kumasi Polytechnic. It is one of the servicing departments in the institution. The department services all the academic departments in seven (7) main courses. These courses are African Studies, Communication Skills, Economics, Law, Literature in English, French and English Language. Among other things, the Department aims at providing sound understanding of basic as well as advanced concepts in the courses we teach.


To become a leading centre for equipping students with effective communication skills, analytical minds and intellectual acumen.


The objectives of the Department are:

  • To expose students to the rationale underpinning language usage in order for them to handle both oral and written communication with intelligence and finesse;
  • To inculcate students with the tenets of critical thinking skills and a sense of moral and ethical responsibility to the larger community;
  • To deepen students’ understanding and awareness of the world in order that they will be culturally sensitive, intellectually independent, analytical and creative to respond favorably to the vicissitudes of life;
  • To help students appreciate and gain pleasure from the beauty of the Arts and to use these to create a sense of self-esteem that comes from personal accomplishments and challenges met with success



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