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The Consulting and Business Incubation Centre (CBIC) was set-up to render consultancy services, managerial advice and training of individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and corporate bodies. It also has the responsibility of supervising students’ consulting and new venture.


To become a centre of excellence for providing consultancy services to SMEs and nurturing start-up businesses in Ghana.


The objectives of the centre are as follows:

  • To offer counselling to students who want to opt for self-employment after graduation;
  • To nurture start ups who require training and facilities till they are ready to hatch out;
  • To offer door-to-door consultancy services to small scale enterprises and the business community as a whole;
  • To organise public lectures and other fora to educate the public on entrepreneurship and enterprise development. This is very crucial because the general environment including child upbringing plays a major role in the development of entrepreneurship

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