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The Technician and Non-Tertiary Programmes Division started as a Part-Time Co-ordinating Unit in September 2007. In September 2011, all the non-tertiary programmes were put together and placed under this unit. To reflect its new responsibility, the unit was given the status of a Division and placed under the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education. It was then renamed, Non- Tertiary Programmes Division. In September 2013, it once again became necessary to place more programmes under this Division. The technician programmes which are tertiary in status were all placed here. To get the students on these programmes
to identity properly with the Division, the name was thus changed to Technician and Non-Tertiary Programmes Division.


The vision of the Division is mainly to add value to the qualifications of applicants who do not qualify to pursue Higher National Diploma programmes.


The objectives of the Division are as follows:

• Each year, no application for admission to the Polytechnic should be rejected since the Division has places for all manner of applicants.
• By the end of their programmes, graduates from the Division should be well equipped to pursue further studies.
• By the end of their programmes, students from the Division who want to go into direct employment should be well-equipped to take up such employment and perform creditably in the positions they may


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