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The Department of Mechanical Engineering runs Higher National Diploma (HND) in four areas which have been organised into sections; namely;

  • Plant Engineering section,
  • Production Engineering section,
  • Automotive Engineering section, and
  • Metallurgy and Foundry Engineering section

The activities of the various sections/sub-departments are coordinated by heads of sections and the entire department is run by the Head of Department with the support of an Administrative Assistant.

Aside the HND programmes, the Department also offers Mechanical EngineeringT echnician courses; namely;

  • Mechanical Engineering Technician (MET) I ,
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician (MET) III ,
  • Motor Vehicle Technician (MVT) I , and
  • Motor Vehicle Technician (MVT) III

The programmes offered by the Department enable students to have wide range knowledge and skills necessary to solve industrial problems.


To be a Centre of Excellence for turning out students who will be skillful in mechanical and manufacturing engineering.


The objectives of the Department are to:

  • offer cutting-edge technological training capable of evolving students into practically oriented, imaginative and world class thinkers and problem solvers;
  • inculcate in students the desire to go into small and medium scale manufacturing ventures through partnerships and to help students develop the technical capacity to take on such venture;
  • help students develop the passion for manufacturing, environmental and world climate issues, and energy conversion, utilization and efficiency related issues;
  • create a conducive environment for students to exercise and develop their initiative, ability to conceptualize and to acquire the ability to make  soundengineering judgments.
  • teach students to be patriotic and to take keen interest in local manufacturing and energy related issues

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