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The Office of the Dean of Students is an integral part of the Central Administration of the University.  The Office has oversight responsibility on the activities of the Chaplaincy and Hall of Residence in accordance with the University’s Statute.  The Office works with the support of various units and the entire community to provide welfare services for students.  Again, the office coordinates the activities of Students Representative Council (SRC) and the various students’ groups on campus. Moreover, the Office serves as the conduit between the Central Administration and the SRC.


Providing an enabling environment for junior members of the university to excel academically, religiously, and socially. 


  • To act as ‘loco parentis’ to junior members for a better campus life.
  • To support Management and the Student Representative Council (SRC) to ensure a conducive learning environment for junior members.
  • To serve as an avenue through which students’ problems are addressed. 

To accomplish the objectives of the Office, the following structures and activities are undertaken by the office: 

  • Supports the Students Representative Council, which serves as a mouthpiece for the junior members (students)
  • Students’ Conduct and Discipline, through which cases involving students are investigated by the Dean’s Office and appropriate sanctions are meted to the culprits per the advice of the Chief Disciplinary Officer (Vice Chancellor).
  • Students’ support Services are offered at various Departments and Faculties
  • Students are provided Housing and Residence Life on main campus and at Adako Jachie.
  • Students Health Services available at the University Clinic
  • Guidance and Counselling Unit, providing peer counselling for the students 


The Office is headed by a Dean and assisted by a Vice Dean. The office also has an Assistant Registrar, Senior Administrative Assistant and two National Service persons (Table 1). 


Academic/professional qualification 

Designation Areas of specialisatio
Dr. Thomas Adomah Worae Dr. Thomas Adomah Worae DCOM Accounting (University of Limpopo, South Africa) Dean Carbon Accounting, 
Water Accounting
Ms. Mary Ann Yeboah Ms. Mary Ann Yeboah MPhil Statistics (University of Cape Coast) Vice Dean of Students  Inferential Statistics and its application and Health and Environment
Mary Amoako (Mrs.) Mary Amoako (Mrs.) Mba (Knust), Hrm (Cihrmp)  Assistant Registrar Human Resource Management
Ms. Philomena Nkansah Sarpong Ms. Philomena Nkansah Sarpong BA (KNUST) Senior Administrative Assistant  Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

Committees Under the Office 

The Office is assisted by the following:  

  1. Committees in the performance of its duties:
  2. Students Affairs Committee
  3. Halls Management Committee
  4. Halls Administration Committee 


Students’ Support Services (Needy Students’ Fund) 

As part of the activities of the office, brilliant but needy students are given support, by way of paying part of their school fees. Formal request by students for assistance are usually made through their Head of Departments and Dean of their faculties. 

For the 2022/2023 academic year, two hundred and eighteen (218) students benefited from the fund. Plans are in place to increase the financial base to increase the number of students being supported. 

Coordination of SRC Activities: The office coordinates the activities of the SRC by providing leadership and guidance to various SRC activities to ensure discipline and adherence to the University’s rules and regulations.

Chaplaincy Services:  The Office, through the Chaplaincy Board facilitates the provision of chaplaincy services to students and other members of the University community by: 

  • Ensuring that the various denominations get a place of worship. 
  • Ensuring that their activities do not negatively affect academic work on campus. 

Coordination of Students’ Insurance Support Services (SIC Insurance Policy for Students): The Dean of Students’ Office also coordinates SIC policy for students who lose their parents or guardians and also to parents who lose their wards (students). The office makes sure that all monies for the bereaved students or parents are well monitored for collection. 

Students’ Support Services (Needy Students’ Fund): Also, the office works on Students’ Needy Scholarship Fund to offer students who have difficulties in paying of their school fees. 

Registration of Amalgamated Groups: The office also registers the amalgamated groups such as students’ associations, clubs, and religious groups and certificates are issued to them after registration. 

Halls Of Residence 

Student’s accommodation is of prime importance to the University as it plays a crucial role in the lives of the students. Unfortunately, the University halls accommodate a small fraction of the student’s population.
The University has a total of five (5) halls for student’s residence; three of which are on the main campus and the remaining two on the Adako-Jachie campus of the University. 

Ashanti and Liberty halls are the two male halls while Pat Carless is the female hall on campus. These halls are reserved for the first year and physically challenged students. 

The SRC and GETfund halls which are both mixed halls admit students at all levels. The University has provided a subsidized shuttle system which conveys students to and from the main campus for lectures. 

Private Hostels 

Due to the limited number of beds at our 5 halls of residence, the Office took upon itself to negotiate with Private Hostel Owners/Proprietors in the Asafo/Amakom and Adako Jachie environs to secure accommodation for our students, so far, the Office has been able to secure Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with three (3) of such hostels, that is, Granny Hostel, JB Hostel and Scholars Hostel). 


The Halls of Residence are managed by Hall Masters/Mistress and are supported by Deputy Hall Masters/Mistress and Porters. There are twenty (20) porters headed by a Head Porter. 

  Name Academic/Professional Qualification Designation Areas of Specialization
Ishmael Ayim Dr. Ishmael Ayim
(Ashanti Hall)
PhD Food Science and Engineering (Jiangsu University, China) Hall Master/Senior Lecturer Food Processing and Preservation, Food Chemistry, Bioactive Component Analysis of Food and Biorefinery of Food Waste
Dr. Abdul-Aziz Abdul Rahaman Dr. Abdul-Aziz Abdul Rahaman 
(Liberty Hall)
PhD Applied Statistics Hall Master/Senior Lecturer Structural Equation Modelling 
  Dr. Lydia Asare-Kyire (Pat Carless Hall) PhD Management Science and Engineering (University of Electronic Science and Technology, China) Hall Mastress/Senior Lecturer  Social Networks (Network Governance)
Dr. Abraham Osei  (SRC Hall) Dr. Abraham Osei
 (SRC Hall)
PhD Management Science and Engineering (University of Electronic Science and Technology, China) Hall Master/Senior Lecturer Innovation and Small Business Management 
Dr. Ing. Collins Ameyaw Surv. Dr. Ing. Collins Ameyaw
(GetFund Hall)
PhD Civil Engineering (Bauhaus University, Germany) Hall Master/Senior Lecturer Construction Project Management and Quantity Surveying

Chaplaincy Board 

The main objective of the Chaplaincy is to co-ordinate all the religious activities on campus. It was established to shape the moral and spiritual formation of the students. The chaplaincy has fifteen (15) religious denominations registered under it. 

The Chaplaincy has an outstanding choir and a cultural troupe, which perform at all official functions of the University. It has formed a Regimental Band and has put in place plans to establish a Guitar Band soon. The rationale for all these is to expand their activities and help generate funds for the University. 

The Chaplaincy Board is headed by Rev. Alfred Atakora. Dr. Abdul-Aziz Iddrisu is the Imam in charge of the Muslim group. 

  Name Academic/Professional Qualification Designation Areas of Specialization
Rev.  Alfred Atakora Rev. Alfred Atakora
Msc. Marketing (University of Leicester)
M. A. Theology
University Chaplain and Snr. Lecturer Brand management, marketing development and church administration 


The Chaplaincy Board has put in place plans to start a construction of worship centre (Chapel) at Adako Campus to serve the spiritual needs of students and staff at Adako Jachie Campus


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