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The Department was established in 2011 to run two programmes, namely

  • Higher National Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology and
  • Higher National Diploma in Science and Industrial Laboratory Technology.

Accreditation was finally given by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) to the Department to run these two unique programmes in 2014 when all standards according to NAB were met. The establishment of these two programmes will play a major role in the nation’s quest in training well qualified Medical as well as Science and Industrial Laboratory Technicians to carry out appropriate laboratory/ scientific tests in various health facilities and Industries.
The programmes are designed to produce technicians who will better perform the
functions of a laboratory professional, scientific and research assistant, a quality control officer and marketing agent.


To become a centre of excellence in the training of Laboratory Professionals, Research Assistants, Quality Control Officers and Marketing Agents.


The main objective of the program is to provide the students with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of scientific laboratory technology practices.
The specific objectives are;

  • To train skilled laboratory technologists to carry out medical laboratory tests, experiments and analyses to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases;
  • To equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills in the use and maintenance of modern laboratory equipment;
  • To work in and/or manage laboratories of educational institutions and science based industries;
  • To manage quality control and product development units in industries.

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