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Kumasi Technical University's 2022/2023 SRC Hands Over Graduation Gowns, E-library, and Gown Donations to University

In a remarkable display of commitment and responsibility, the 2022/2023 Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of Kumasi Technical University has made a significant contribution to the Institution's growth and development. Led by Mr. Isaac Mensah, the SRC presented 1,000 graduation gowns to the University, symbolizing a gesture of preparedness for future academic achievements.

The handing-over ceremony took place at the University's campus, with the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Gabriel Dwomoh, receiving the gowns on behalf of the University Management. Prof. Dwomoh extended his gratitude to the outgoing SRC officials, emphasising the importance of prioritising students' interests above personal agendas. He assured the SRC President that the gowns would be put to good use and that efforts would be made to ensure their careful maintenance.

Prof. Dwomoh also expressed hope that the incoming SRC executives would adopt a student-centric approach, mirroring the sentiment of putting the students they represent first.


Adding another layer of significance to this gesture, the SRC passed on an ambitious vision for an E-library project to the incoming SRC Executives. President Mr. Isaac Mensah acknowledged that while their initial intent was to complete the E-library and present it to the university's management, unforeseen circumstances and time constraints led to its incomplete status. Hence, the SRC entrusted this project to the incoming executives, urging them to prioritise its fulfillment during their tenure.

The Registrar, Mr. Ebenezer Kofi Boakye, also present at the event, encouraged the new SRC Executives to build upon the strong foundation laid by their predecessors. Mr.  Boakye stressed the critical importance of continuity in driving progress and urged the incoming executives to take up the mantle of completing the E-library project.

Importantly, it is to be noted that while the E-library project has not yet been officially handed over to the University Management, the responsibility for its eventual completion has been entrusted to the incoming SRC Executives.



The SRC President, Mr. Isaac Mensah, expressed his optimism for the future and the impact of the contributions made by his team. He thanked the University Management for their support and collaboration throughout their tenure. Mr. Mensah shared his aspiration that whenever the graduation gowns were worn by future graduates, the legacy of the 2022/2023 SRC executives would be remembered.


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