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The Department of Fashion Design and Textiles Studies at Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) recently received a generous donation of busts from an alumnus Mr. Joseph Abanga, also known as Jay Abanga Fashion (JAFgh).

Presenting the busts, Mr. Abanga emphasised the importance of those tools in enhancing the practical learning experiences of students. Reflecting on his time as a student, he noted the challenges they faced due to lack of adequate busts. “During my time here, students struggled with fitting their clothes on the limited and small-sized adjustable dress forms available. This often made it difficult to achieve perfect fittings for individual models,” he said. Mr. Abanga, now a successful fashion entrepreneur, expressed his delight for being able to give back to the Institution that shaped his career.


This donation reflects a commitment to supporting the University's efforts in providing adequate resources for quality academic work. Mr. Abanga acknowledged the Department's pressure to provide sufficient equipment and expressed the hope that the busts will contribute to improve learning outcomes.

The Head of Department of Fashion Design and Textiles Studies, Rev. Dr. Timothy Crenstil, expressed his sincere gratitude to Mr. Abanga for his generosity. He emphasised the importance of the donation and remarked that it is not only for its immediate impact on teaching and learning but also, it is an inspiration to other alumni to contribute to the Department's growth. Rev. Dr. Crenstil assured Mr. Abanga that the Department would take all necessary steps to ensure proper usage of the busts. He believes that his act of giving is a good example that others could emulate.

The donation by Mr. Abanga is a significant boost to the resources of the Department of Fashion Design and Textiles Studies and marks a notable example of how former students could make contribution to the development of their alma mater.



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