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KsTU Receives Student-Engineered Automated Gate

Picture : A group photograph taken in front of the newly constructed gate

Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) has been handed with a newly constructed automated gate which is remote controlled. This remarkable innovation was undertaken by final-year students from the Automotive and Agricultural Mechanization Engineering Department. This marks a significant step towards improving campus security as it was constructed at the main entrance of the University.

The students behind this innovative project tirelessly worked on designing, fabricating and installing the automated gate system, incorporating the University's emblem into the design to reflect the Institution's identity. The automated gate has a unique feature of a smart motor that can store electric power and function for up to ten hours without electric supply from the national grid. This ensures uninterrupted operation even during power outages which can compromise security. Additionally, the gate can be operated manually once the stored energy is exhausted, ensuring continuous operation and enhanced security.


The official handing over ceremony was held on 15th May 2024, at the presence of the University officials and some students. The Pro Vice-Chancellor, Ing. Prof. Abena Obiri-Yeboah who represented the University Management expressed immense satisfaction with the students' project. She lauded their ingenuity and diligence, urging them to persist in their pursuit of excellence.

Ing. Prof. Prince Owusu-Ansah, Head of the Department (HOD) of Automotive and Agricultural Mechanization Engineering at Kumasi Technical University, reflected on the remarkable achievement of his students. He emphasised the importance of the project in enhancing the University’s security architecture and expressed gratitude to the University Management for their unwavering support in bringing this project to fruition.

engineersPicture : The students, at the construction stage of the project

"The successful completion of this automated gate is a significant milestone for our Department and the University at large," Prof. Owusu-Ansah remarked. "The gate can operate independently of the main power supply for extended periods and this will ensure uninterrupted security for our campus."

The project underscores KsTU's commitment to practical, hands-on learning and its dedication to fostering an environment where students can apply their technical knowledge to real-world challenges. This construction of the gate attests to the university's forward-thinking approach and the exceptional capabilities of its students.

The automated gate which is equipped with security features, including remote control functionality, promises to enhance the overall security architecture of Kumasi Technical University, providing an additional layer of protection for students, staff and visitors.

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