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Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) has once again reaffirmed its commitment to fostering global education and cross-cultural understanding through a renewed partnership with Université Norbert Zongo, one of Burkina Faso's distinguished public universities. This collaboration brings forth an enriching Language Immersion Programme, aiming to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps.


The four-week Language Immersion Programme serves as a cultural exchange initiative, inviting students to dive into the intricacies of the English language while immersing themselves in Ghana's vibrant and unique culture. For the students from Burkina Faso, this is an unparalleled opportunity to experience the diverse Ghanaian culture firsthand while honing their English language skills within the welcoming confines of Kumasi Technical University.

As part of this immersive exchange, the visiting students will embark on guided tours of Kumasi and its captivating surroundings. This offers them a chance to not only explore the beauty of the city but also connect with its rich history and traditions.


The welcoming ceremony, held at the Council Chamber, provided the perfect platform for the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Gabriel Dwomoh to extend a warm and hearty welcome to the visiting students. In his address, he not only greeted them with open arms but also imparted valuable insights on navigating Ghana during their stay. Prof. Dwomoh underscored the profound learning opportunities this collaboration offers, highlighting how it enriches the academic journey for both Ghanaian and Burkinabé students. Remarkably, this marks the second time that students from Université Norbert Zongo have partaken in this immersive language programme at KsTU. This reaffirms the deepening bond between the two esteemed institutions and stands as a testament to the enduring commitment to cross-border education.

Kumasi Technical University continues to serve as a beacon of knowledge, cultural exchange, and global education.




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